Enneco is a Taiwan based screw manufacturer & metal fastener part supplier since early 2000. We provide a wide range of fastener & metal part products and have been in the business over a decade.

      Enneco's fastener products include self-drilling screw, self-tapping screw, stainless steel screw, machine screw, sems screw, washer, multi-stage cold forging screw and special screw. Assorted by function, we have window screw, roofing screw, container floor screw, long screw, and etc. Our fastener products range from standard items to OEM custom items. 

      We provide metal part and screw machine as well as fastener. We carry various kinds of multi-stage cold forming parts, CNC parts, lathe parts, and screw machine.  

     Enneco, dedicated to quality service. We welcome your inquiry.